The articles below include the social share buttons (Twitter and Facebook) thanks to Shack Article Sharing.

Shack Article Sharing Documentation

Shack Article Sharing is a very simple and ready-to-use plugin, capable of including the following components to your site:

  • Facebook's OpenGraph tags for each of your content articles and blogs
  • Facebook's Like and Send button (including how many and which people has liked the article)
  • Twitter's Tweet button

Although it can be configured, the plugin doesn't need much more settings than enabling it to make it work in all your site's content articles:

  • It will show all the buttons in your articles and blogs (article by article).
  • It will grab your meta-description and meta-tags to set the descriptions into Facebook's OpenGraph (if they're not set, then it will take the first 140 characters of the article).
  • It will grab the article's images to set them to Facebook's OpenGraph.

You can see the three buttons, and the OpenGraph tags working in this articles and all the documentation.

Twitter button settings

The following is the list of options available for Twitter's tweet button

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Enabling the plugin

After installing Share It, you must go to the Plug-In Manager and enable your new installed extension.  Then click on the plugin's name and start the configuration.

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Google +1 button settings

The following is the list of options available for Google's +1 button

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Facebook OpenGraph Settings

Facebook OpenGraph is a set of tags that lets you define actions over your site content.  In this case, you can define actions and settings for what will appear when your articles and blogs are shared in Facebook.

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General Settings

The following is the list of options available for all the buttons

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Facebook Like Button Settings

The following is the configuration available for Facebook's Like and send buttons.

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