Visionary: Image Manager + Slideshow

Visionary is a full featured image manager + slideshow!  

The installer is a package of extensions, including the following:

  • The Visionary component, which is the image collection manager.
  • The Visionary plugin, which enables the full-page slideshow functionality (required system level only, no presentation).
  • The Visionary module, which lets you add and configure the full-page slideshow to any of your menus. 
    View the Full Page Slideshow
  • And as a plus, the Shackslides module is included so you can create great slideshows from your Visionary collections as well.

Visionary comes with a great deal of configuration options to adjust to your needs.

Here you can see an screenshot of how Visionary lets you manage slides for either Shackslides or the full screen slideshow

Visionary Slide Management

Managing collections

Managing a Collection is the same concept as managing a Category of content in Joomla.  You can create, modify, delete, publish and unpublish your Collections.  Each collection will then contain a number of slides using the Slide Manager.

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Managing slides

After you have created your collections, you must add some slides to them.  A slide is basically an image, which has a title, an optional description and optional URL for link (those last two for Shackslides compatibility).

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Enabling the plugin

The first step for getting a full-page slideshow is enable the plugin.  For that, you must go to the Plugin Manager (under Extensions).

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Full Page Slideshow Module

Heads up! In the background of this page, you can see a demo of the full page slideshow.


After you have enabled the plugin, you may include the JS Visionary module and set it up to show your full-page slideshow in the pages you want to.

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Uninstall Visionary

If you need to uninstall Visionary, you can do it at once using the package created for it, so it will uninstall all the packaged extensions for you.

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