ShackSlides: Joomla Slideshow Module

Technically speaking, Shackslides is a Joomla module that you can use to feature your content.  It has the following main parts:

  • The slides (images to feature)
  • A description for each image (optional)
  • A slide navigator
  • A slider control

All of these are configurable from the module.  It's important to remember that you can create any number of Shackslides modules in a single Joomla install, and each one of them will be configured independently.

The slides and descriptions can come from a number of sources, including:

  • Visionary component
  • Folder with images (and an XML file for descriptions)
  • Joomla content category
  • K2 content category
  • FlexiContent category

The following are the set of basic options for configuring Shackslides.  The basic set includes the source from where the images and descriptions are grabbed from, and how are they presented in Shackslides.

Read more: Module basic configuration

The advanced parameters in Shackslides module define how are things presented.  In here you can alter the behavior of Shackslides and it's presentation, including some colors, description positions and some other options.

Read more: Module advanced configuration

If you have a folder inside of your images directory that contains all of your slideshow images, then you can just select it in the module settings. You can also specify links and titles for those images, if you add a file called images.xml to that same directory.

Read more: Use folder as a source

Visionary is an extension with the ability of managing your collection of slides, so you can have a proper order and easy selection of what is going to appear in your Shackslides descriptions, and which links are going to be used for each slide.

Read more: Use Visionary as a source

The latest version of Shackslides includes new features such as integration with our Visionary component and support for responsive templates. For this reason this version is not compatible with the previous version of Shackslides.

To avoid losing information we have not updated your previous Shackslides installation. You need to manually move your previous configuration from the old version to the new version of the Module, and after that you can unintall the old version safely.

Read more: Update from previous version

The Bootstrap parameters define how your Shackslides module integrate with your Twitter Bootstrap enabled templates.


Enable Twitter Bootstrap Styles

When set to "Yes", Shackslides will activate it's Twitter Bootstrap integration. 

Notes about Bootstrap Integration

Keep in mind that some of the Advanced options are overriden when you enable Bootstrap integration:

  • Container Width/Height: Instead of using a fixed width Shackslides will adapt to the columns defined by the Bootstrap styles
  • Theme: Instead of using the set of colors and styles defined by a theme, Shackslides will use the styles defined by your Bootstrap classes.